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Three Reasons Cheap Marketing is Not the Answer

Being 27, I feel like I have a little bit of a spat with other people my age and in my generation.  A lot of times, we like fast results.  Today, too often, we want things fast.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love fast things.  I like fast cars, fast runners, expeditious results, and efficient processes that finish things quickly.

The Flash is about the only one who can be fast instantly.  And he's not even real!

The irony about all of those fast things though, is that they usually aren’t fast initially.  They’re built to become fast.

  • Fast cars are expensive because they cost a lot of money and require lots of care.

  • Fast runners are built on year after year, decade after decade sometimes, of what seems to be fruitless training.

  • Fast results usually aren’t fast.

  • Fast, efficient processes usually either come with a price OR they are built that way after a long process of trial and error.  Similar to a car.

Which is why I generally don’t trust anyone, diets especially, who promises fast results.  My current diet/workout program is actually one that promises results after a YEAR.  A whole year of training and proper nutrition.  That’s a long time!  But I’m already getting results from it.

So let’s get back to the subject at hand though.  Why is cheap, fast marketing not cheap?

1.  Your clients will see you as cheap, fast business.

Fresh, good ingredients can sometimes single handedly make the difference between a good meal and a great meal.  Obtaining mediocre ingredients sometimes turn good meals into awful meals.

Similarly, obtaining my customers through cheap cash injections and lead lists are probably not the best method.  It’s a method but perhaps not the best.  Abba Care really isn’t for everyone.  We know that.  If we build relationships and market slowly and thoughtfully, we’ll get the clientele we’re looking for.  It’s just slower.  Otherwise, getting a huge list of random clients could just mean taking pot shots in the dark at anything, instead of building an attractive valuable place for the clientele and community we want to attract.

2.  It changes you.

At Abba Care, we pride ourselves on being a company that’s about good, quality services and care for our residents.  Every individual gets their own care plan and schedule.  

That said, if we suddenly switched and focused our attention, all our attention, on obtaining numbered track leads, instead of investing in the word of mouth of our current customers, we would allow our actual relationship with paying customers to suffer and drop.  

The real question then is how to over satisfy your customer and convert them into your leads, instead of seeking them elsewhere.  That makes you a better more profitable business, while also creating a happier customer.

3.  It’s just not hip.

If you spam me with cheaply designed flyer ads in the mail, there’s a pretty good chance I’ll just breeze over whatever you sent me and trash it.  

Change the paper quality, make it good design?  I’ll probably take a peek.

Send a hand written letter?  You’ve got my attention.  

Come and visit with a puppy?   I can’t ignore you.

You write an ad that says, “We’ve got great pizza.”  I’ll ignore you.  Everyone thinks they’ve got great pizza.  You write an ad that says, “You won’t like our pizza.  We’re too good for you.”  Now I want to try your pizza.  And you’ve stuck out -- not to stand out but because you were yourself (I hope… or that’s a really odd sense of poser).  

What I’m trying to say is, your business doesn’t get anywhere looking like everybody else.  And everybody else wants to just use cheap solutions.  Let’s build great businesses that have creative smart approaches to capturing their market’s attention through thoughtful meaningful campaign design, not automated approaches that have been done for years.

To summarize:

  1. Cheap marketing makes you look cheap.

  2. No wait, cheap marketing MAKES you cheap.

  3. Cheap marketing says nothing, and therefore isn’t hip.  

Don’t give into the temptation.  Build something meaningful instead.

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