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Local, family owned-and-operated assisted living caring for seniors from Mesquite, Garland, Rowlett, Murphy, and the surrounding cities at our facility in Garland, TX.  We emphasize quality, personable elderly care within a home-like environment.  Book a tour today!

Home, Part Two: Meal Planning and Elder Care

It is evident that a vast number of older persons will be staying home, with some type of disability from a debilitating illness and requiring some type of nursing care at home. With the shifting of the population as the boomer generation goes into retirement, more nursing care is expected to be delivered at home either post-hospitalization or due to a chronic disability. Nurses working in various settings will be faced with the dilemma of the frail older persons wanting to go back to their homes.


Discharge planning should be centered around the availability of resources at home.  One of the most common difficulties of older persons living at home is meal preparation, because it entails several steps that require not only physical but also cognitive capacities.


 Well, that might be a bit much.  Point being, meal prep is an intense activity!

Well, that might be a bit much.  Point being, meal prep is an intense activity!

Breaking down, one has to plan for the meal, shop for the ingredients, go to the store, and carry it back to the house. Then, one has to chop, slice or dice, then bake, roast, grill, fry or boil. These all include several factors in one’s executive function.  Looking at this, one can have a greater appreciation of delivered meals and the countless volunteers who bring it right at your doorstep. That is just in the list of Activities of Daily Living.

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