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Local, family owned-and-operated assisted living caring for seniors from Mesquite, Garland, Rowlett, Murphy, and the surrounding cities at our facility in Garland, TX.  We emphasize quality, personable elderly care within a home-like environment.  Book a tour today!


Our Priorities

At Abba Care, our main goal is to share the load and put you at ease.  Giving care for a loved one is not easy, and we aim to be there for you, logistically, medically, and emotionally


Here is a short list of what we can do for you and your loved one:


Personal Services


  • We cook home-made meals from scratch in our open kitchen (no closed doors, no pre-frozen cafeteria food).
  • We do laundry per individual.  Your private laundry doesn't end up in anyone else's except yours.  Literally.
  • We can assist with all your hygienic needs from daily bathing to housekeeping.

Community Interaction

  • We create events and activities that build relationships with and between residents.
  • We also involve the surrounding Garland community to engage residents with volunteers outside the facility. 


Health Care and Day to Day Assistance

  • We organize and administer daily medication schedules per resident
  • We can offer transfer assistance for wheel chair and walker users.

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Careplan Coordination

  • We coordinate schedules between residents, caregivers, doctors, hospice, and everyone in between.
  • Every resident receives a different schedule based on their needs, interests, and time-commitments.

Abba Care Assisted Living

1201 High Grove Dr.

Garland, TX  75041

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