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Local, family owned-and-operated assisted living caring for seniors from Mesquite, Garland, Rowlett, Murphy, and the surrounding cities at our facility in Garland, TX.  We emphasize quality, personable elderly care within a home-like environment.  Book a tour today!


Our Priorities

At Abba Care, our main goal is to share the load and put you at ease.  Giving care for a loved one is not easy, and we aim to be there for you, logistically, medically, and emotionally


Here is a short list of what we can do for you and your loved one:


Personal Services


  • We cook home-made meals from scratch in our open kitchen (no closed doors, no pre-frozen cafeteria food).
  • We do laundry per individual.  Your private laundry doesn't end up in anyone else's except yours.  Literally.
  • We can assist with all your hygienic needs from daily bathing to housekeeping.

Community Interaction

  • We create events and activities that build relationships with and between residents.
  • We also involve the surrounding Garland community to engage residents with volunteers outside the facility. 


Health Care and Day to Day Assistance

  • We organize and administer daily medication schedules per resident
  • We can offer transfer assistance for wheel chair and walker users.

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Careplan Coordination

  • We coordinate schedules between residents, caregivers, doctors, hospice, and everyone in between.
  • Every resident receives a different schedule based on their needs, interests, and time-commitments.

Abba Care Assisted Living

1201 High Grove Dr.

Garland, TX  75041

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We are a welcoming community who provides care for and welcomes all people from all walks of life.  It is the policy of Abba Care to ensure that all residents, employees, families, and guests be treated considerately and respectfully regardless of  race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, cultural background, economic status, education or illness.